Copy of Our Story

You know that it’s about more than just fashion. We sell tools that generate charisma and personal magnetism. Our customers are action-takers who take great pride and focus on personal style, ultimately striving to leave a unique imprint in all walks of their life.

We founded Henri Martin with a singular intent, to empower people around the world in becoming the best versions of themselves. We were tired of generic stores that gave little thought to their audience, overwhelming their customers with uninspiring product selections.

Every product we offer has been carefully curated from around the world.  We judge products very stringently, not just on visual appeal, but on whether it possesses that undefinable magical quality. This is because it is our absolute belief that your personal style and grooming can have a profound impact on your confidence and energy.


We're so confident you'll love our products, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don't like something you bought? Tell us about it, and we'll be happy to issue a full refund.